Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda. is a limited company registered in Portugal, headquartered at Rua Diogo Cão, lote 9 1º esq. Portimão. The company registration number is RNAVT 8597 and the tax number is 515549517.


Reservations can be made online, by email or phone. The name in which the reservation is made identifies the person responsible for the payment, for all details and accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all other parties involved in the service. The parent must be at least 18 years of age.

We will process the reservation and send you confirmation by e-mail with details of the reservation and the contracted services within a maximum period of 5 minutes. You should check the SPAM box. This email serves as a “service voucher” and must be presented to our driver or airport representative for all trips, arrivals or departures. Please do not print the document. We accept the same in electronic form, displayed on mobile phone or tablet.

It is the Reservation Holder who is responsible (or any other person acting on behalf of the passengers, whose names appear on the service voucher) for verifying the details of the same before the trip and for informing us as soon as possible, if any fault or error is identified. . We are not responsible for errors in services due to incorrect information provided at the time of booking.

Reservation changes can be made by email or telephone contact, at least 24 hours before the first service. Last minute changes will always be accepted but will be subject to availability.

We reserve the right to change the final price of any online booking if you have incorrectly entered the locations entered at the time of booking. This can increase or decrease the final price.


Full payment is made at the time of booking or upon arrival at destination. We have several payment methods: cash (to be delivered to the driver); via Paypal (includes taxes, only for online bookings only); by bank transfer (must be made 48 hours before and upon presentation of proof); or by credit or debit card using our automatic payment terminal available in our vehicles.

All online payments are refundable if canceled by the person in charge, at least 48 hours in advance of the contracted service.

The prices shown already include VAT at the legal rate in Portugal.

If you need tax information on the receipt, you must send the information to be included in the receipt to our email, within a maximum of 24 hours after the service.

Health and safety

EU directive 2003/20/EC states that children must use an appropriate child seat up to 12 years of age or 135 cm in height.

All children and babies count towards vehicle occupancy, regardless of age, and therefore must be included in the “Traveling with children” field on the first page of booking details. The child seat is provided free of charge by Allgarve Mode Pvt. Lda. We strongly recommend that you inform the age of the minors in the box “Ages of children” on the third and last page, so that we can provide the most suitable child seat according to their age.

We reserve the right to refuse transport due to health and safety specifications if you do not inform us of the need for a child or baby seat before travelling.

Passengers may not consume alcohol in any of our vehicles. Smoking is not permitted during services. The consumption of food and drinks (except water) is also not allowed except for children or babies.

All vehicles are fully insured for passengers and third parties, as required by Portuguese law.

All our drivers are professional drivers certified by IMT Portugal – Instituto de Mobilidade e Transportes, insured by their own insurance from 3 Allgarve Mode Unip. Ltd | RNAVT: 8597 | NIPC: 515549517 work accidents and endowed with several hours of experience in tourist transport of passengers and children. Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda regularly requires all its employees to have a criminal record certificate and information on job satisfaction.

Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda has the Internal Protocol of Covid-19 for all customers and non-customers, which can be found on the homepage of the website.


We can transport folding manual wheelchairs in our vehicles, but passengers must inform their intention at the time of booking, in the “Wheelchair” field. This will be vital in ensuring the correct vehicle is available to suit your specific needs.

When booking online, the number of luggage in its entirety must be added in the “Additional Information” field: hand luggage (free of charge); hold luggage (free); pets (free); golf bags (5€/each); surfboards (5€/each).

The driver or the Allgarve Mode Pvt. Lda, may charge for excess baggage or refuse to carry excess items when not previously informed.

The passenger's luggage is, however, transported entirely at his/her own risk and no liability can be attributed to Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda, for loss or damage thereof. We are not responsible for any costs incurred or for making arrangements to return forgotten or lost items to passengers.

Travel information

Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda , strives to arrive at the destination on time, however, it cannot be held responsible for delays beyond its reach such as traffic delays, weather conditions, police issues or other unforeseen events.

If it is not possible to reach the destination due to unforeseen situations, the responsibility of Allgarve Mode Unip. Lda, we will provide alternative transportation at no additional cost to the customer.

When booking online, the average travel time between the places defined in the reservation is provided, so we advise caution in choosing the pick-up time for transfer services involving flights. All passengers are advised to be at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure.

All vehicles are equipped with internet, alcohol gel and disposable masks for all passengers.

Our services are from the point of collection to the point of delivery. If extra stops are required (eg to collect an apartment key for a third party location), an extra local fee payable may apply if the stop time is longer than 5 minutes.

In the unlikely event that the driver loses his pick-up, we will try to place a vehicle as soon as possible at the pick-up point, if this is not possible, we will defray the amount spent by the customer if he chooses alternative transport, such as a local taxi. . However, we cannot be held responsible for missed flights caused by this situation.

We guarantee the availability of a vehicle for each reservation request. If we are unable to fulfill a reservation request for one of our vehicles, we will ask one of our partners to carry it out. As a last resort, we will accommodate the customer in a local taxi service.

After completing each service, we send you a feedback request by email, in which we reserve the right to publish your comment in the section with the same name of our portal at allgarvemodetransfers.com.


Our driver will monitor the status of the arrival flight at all times. Regardless of the arrival time stated in the reservation, if the flight arrives early or late, we will adjust the service time. If you wish to postpone the pick-up time at the airport to a later date, please inform us as soon as possible by telephone.

We will wait approximately 1 hour after your disembarkation time in Faro. If there is a problem with your luggage, you can send one of the passengers to meet us at arrivals, we will be happy to wait for you until the problem is resolved... if you are traveling alone, please let us know problem through the number provided in the reservation.

Our driver will be waiting with a tablet in the arrivals hall indicating the main reservation name and final destination.


On departure, we will send a text message to the telephone contact indicated in the reservation, 10 minutes before the driver arrives at the pick-up point.

In case of delay, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible to the number indicated on the booking voucher. If we are not informed of delays, we will wait a maximum of 15 minutes. No refunds will be made under these circumstances.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. All personal data we collect will be processed in accordance with the Portuguese Data Protection Authority. www.cnpd.pt/english/index_en.htm

Allgarve Mode Transfers

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