FATACIL celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and, as such, is preparing for a special edition with the participation of several artists from the national scene.

The full list of concerts has been revealed and promises to delight all those who visit the festival.

In addition to the musical shows, the fair has an exhibition of the best products and brands of the Algarve.

FATACIL 2019 takes place in the second half of August, between the 16th and 25th, in the Municipal Park of Lagoa City. This event is organized by the municipality.

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The last edition of the fair was attended by about 700 exhibitors and more than 180 thousand visitors.

FATACIL - Craft, Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and Industry Fair of Lagoa is one of the main events of tourist animation of the Algarve summer.

The FATACIL 2019 poster consists of the following artists:

August 16 - Chutos e Pontapés

August 17th - Calema

August 18 - Wet Bed Gang

August 19th - João Pedro Pais

August 20th - Matias Damásio

August 21 - Quim Barreiros

August 22 - Blaya

August 23 - Jorge Palma

August 24th - Mariza

August 25 - Richie Campbell

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