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The Algarve, the southernmost region of the Portuguese mainland is divided into three different strips of land with special features.The coastline, known for its grand cliffs, long sands, jagged lagoons, magnificent caves and paradise sea. Here is the region's major source of economy and the most significant population cluster.The Barrocal area distinguishes between the coast and the mountains. This area is very important, being the main supplier of agricultural products such as the famous oranges of the Algarve, apart from the arbutus and cork, which mainly produced in this area.Finally we have the mountain zone, occupying about 50% of the Algarve territory. We can highlight the Serra de Monchique, Serra do Espinhaço do Cão and Serra do Mú.


Due to its geographical position, the climate is mild with Mediterranean characteristics being privileged with its 3000 hours of sunshine per year and low rainfall.
Its pleasant year-round temperature, friendly people and extraordinary beauty provide about 4 million guests annually.


Located in a strategic European point, the Algarve (Al-Gharb, “The West” name of Arab influence) was for decades a waypoint for those trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Even today, we can see Arab influence in the name of some villages, agriculture, typical architecture (terraces and chimneys) and some monuments in the region. It was for a long time under fierce dispute between two great civilazations, namely the Roman and Muslim.

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In the Algarve, there is much more to do than just lay on the beach. The mild weather invites you to enjoy the green golf courses challenging friends and family with a round of golf on a sunny morning. We have the best golf courses in Europe and even in the world. The Algarve has been awarded Best European Golf Destination and Best Golf Destination in the World, since the first edition (2014) of the World Golf Awards (WGA). Just choose the best course for you!

Best Algarve Golf Courses:

  • Boavista Golf (Lagos)
  • Vale da Pinta Golf Resort (Carvoeiro - Lagoa)
  • Royal Golf Course (Vale do Lobo - Almancil)
  • Laranjal Golf Course (Quinta do Lago - Almancil)
  • Quinta do Vale Golf Resort (Castro Marim)
  • Benamor Golf Course (Tavira)

Hiking and cycling

Coastal Highway (Eurovelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route)

This road extends for 214 km linking Vila Real de Santo António (east) to Sagres (west)

Vicentina Route (southwest)

This route can be done on foot but preferably by bike. It shows the southwest coast of Portugal between the regions of Alentejo and Algarve for about 450 km. The two main routes are: The Historic Path (distinguished by the European Ramblers Association with the European Certification “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe”) and the Fisherman's Trail (exclusively for walking).

Great Guadiana Route east)

Along the Guadiana River for a total of 135km you can explore the “Guadiana Paths” linking Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

Nautical activities

Nautical activities are the most popular choices. From curious to adventurous, the Algarve appeals to all tastes.
You can try boat trips along the coast observing the caves, cliffs and coves. You can pick tours around the Algarve islands with cetacean watching.
Diving, surfing, kite surfing and many other activities are also available.

Allgarve Mode Transfers

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